Quality of Life for the Handicapped

Handicapped Equipment to Improve Quality of Life

You can live an excellent quality of life even with a handicap by choosing the right handicapped equipment made for your needs. The better the match, the better you’ll be able to handle and control the things in your life. But first, you need to talk to your doctor, find out what your personal needs are and if your handicap is permanent or temporary.

Talk to your doctor about their recommendations, what your handicapped status is and then you can create a plan. You need to be vocal in expressing your own concerns because you know your body limitations better than your doctor. If you are unable to walk more than 50 feet or if you are unable to walk up stairs without… Continue reading

Handicapped Parking Fraud

To park or not to park, that is the question. The blue and white sign hanging in front of the empty parking space states a fine between $250.00 to $3,000.00 and/or six months in jail for offenders. The parking lot is empty and no one is around. Sure it is illegal, but if you’re only going to be a minute or two and no one is around to bust you–who’s it hurting?

Apart from taking away the rights of the handicap by parking in their spots, you’re inconveniencing the businesses that reserve those spots for their customers. In fact, if a majority of people adopted the philosophy, it will only be a minute or two–no one is around to notice so who cares. Then where does that leave the handicap?… Continue reading

Assisted Living: Facing the Choice

There may come a time in your life when you will want to or have to provide elder care services for a parent or loved one at home. In moments like these, a senior’s health can be uncertain and can turn downward quickly and deteriorate. You may not be able to manage the amount of care and attention that’s now needed. That’s when you will be at a crossroad not knowing which direction to take. Do you continue caring for them or do you find a home care agency who can help? When facing the choice where to move their loved one into an assisted living facility or skilled nursing facility isn’t the only decision available. Because there is another alternative, in home health care.… Continue reading

Homes for the Disabled

Kit homes can suit many purposes because of their versatility. When you have a physical disability, this versatility can be important. Though kit homes may not be suitable for everyone with disabilities, they should be on your list of considerations for a new home. Many times the existing floor plans can be easily modified to accommodate the need for bigger rooms or easier access throughout the house. When that is possible, it means you can get the style of home you need at a cheaper price than would be possible in an architecturally designed home.

There are two important facts to know about disability in Australia. First is the fact that the term “disability” is inclusive and refers to people with physical, mental, and sensory limitations that can be short… Continue reading

Adoption of Disabled Children

Caring for a child is a very rewarding and important job, however it is never simple, especially if the child is disabled.

In the United States a parent or caregiver of a disabled child that meets Social Security’s definition of disability for children may be eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payments if their income or resources fall within the eligibility limits. Local Social Security office can provide information on the amount of SSI payment, which differs from state to state.

SSI payments are limited to $30 per month when a child is in a medical facility paid for by health insurance. To be eligible for SSI a child must meet the requirements below;

  • Child must not be working and earning more that $1000 per month in 2011.
  • Child must… Continue reading

Adventure Travel for the Disabled

Tips On Going To And From:
Airports-Trains-Cabs, Obstacles Wheelchair Individuals Faces Everyday

I am sad to say the world is set up to cater to only the able bodied individuals. People who are disabled are always over looked due to their various disabilities. Society needs to be educated and most importantly respect those that are not like you! One of many problems that individuals in wheelchairs face in their everyday lives are; getting around in airports, trains, cabs, and even restaurants without some sort of assistance.


People who use wheelchairs have a longer wait time getting through security check points. If the individual is trying to go to the next floor, they must travel far just to find an elevator. It can be time consuming, as well as frustrating.… Continue reading

Adventure The Courage to Live your Life

Midlife Courage: Transitioning Uncertainty with a Spirit of Adventure

In our fast-paced, multitasking lifestyles, where most of us over-40s struggle to get from one task to the next, a concept like courage seems a bit out of place. Courage in today’s society might be an attribute best left to our growing passive experiences of movies, DVD rentals, reality TV, or an exciting novel. What need is there for courage in us Baby Boomers who have been dubbed “the privileged generation”? What are the costs of keeping courage as a strictly passive activity? What are ways to activate courage?

What is courage?

First of all, what is courage? Courage is the ability to confront fear, pain, danger and uncertainty. Courage is defined differently for everyone. Some might see courage as lacking… Continue reading

Disabled Dating – The Fear of Being Alone

Are you looking for love, friendship, companionship or even long term relationships? If you’re a disabled single and not loving it so much, then you probably have the same concerns as everybody else in such a position, whether or not you’re handicapped. However, there is added stress and unique fears that those who are disabled and dating face every day and they can be utterly overwhelming.So, what is one of the top concerns that a disabled single might have? The fear of being alone usually rises to the top. Now, all of us often have fears about living a life without a companion. Typically, a person feels they need the love and support of a significant other so that their life is fulfilling and meaningful. However, a disabled person may… Continue reading

Scuba Diving for the Disabled

Different Outdoor Sports For Disabled Individuals

Anything is possible is a famous quote that we have heard almost anywhere. This quote is being told to those people who have lost faith in believing that they can do impossible things and that they can also do things what others can also do. It is an inspiring quote and it should be instilled in the minds of all the people so they will strive hard and never stop in believing that they can.

The quote really inspires the disabled individuals. You see, they are so very determined in doing things that other people can do. When we see disabled individuals, we feel pity because of their state. There is no reason to pity them but instead, we should help them and encourage… Continue reading

Handicapped Website Themes

WordPress Web Themes – Guaranteed Versatility

Having a good web theme is important especially if you run an online business or if you are an affiliate marketer. You should create a website that is SEO and user-friendly. These two qualities are necessary to make your site more attractive to your readers and customers. These templates are widely available online so there is no reason for you not to have them. One of these themes is WordPress. It has almost everything – every plug-in, that you might need in your website or blog.

There are many reasons why you should use web themes that are SEO-friendly like WordPress.

1. Web templates using this platform are easy to customize or change. In fact, you don’t need extensive knowledge in web design or… Continue reading